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I am an owner of Threshold Recovery in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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Sober Living Home Rules And Regulations- A Must Follow Guide
Submitted by Matt on April 29, 2022 in News

Want to recover from an addicted life? Sober living homes are the best options. It helps you lead an everyday life. If you are looking for sober living homes in….

Why Good Support Systems Required In Addiction Recovery?
Submitted by Matt on March 1, 2022 in Other

Read this article and know about the power of good support systems in addiction recovery. When it comes to addiction recovery, there are two major perspectives. The first perspective focuses….

Our Sober Living Homes
Submitted by Matt on January 20, 2022 in Other

We have 6 different types of sober living / halfway house in TN for the people who needs addiction recovery after getting treatment with safe and better environment. 1. Turning….

Clean & Sober Living Homes & Housing In Murfreesboro Tn
Submitted by Matt on January 19, 2022 in Other

At Threshold Recovery, our residents learn that for long-term recovery health care, you need new tools that you can use in daily life. We know first hand that this is….

“home Of Grace” Women’s Halfway House In Tn
Submitted by Matt on January 18, 2022 in Other

Home of Grace is a sober living home or halfway house in Tennessee for Women to stay in a structured environment to make their life better. Threshold Recovery has this….

“recovery On Purpose” Halfway House / Sober Living Home In Tn
Submitted by Matt on January 17, 2022 in Other

Recovery on Purpose Home is a best halfway house or sober living home in middle Tennessee to help addicted people. Threshold Recovery provides transitional living services for men and women….

Phoenix Sober Living & Recovery Homes In Tennessee
Submitted by Matt on January 11, 2022 in Other

Phoenix House sober living home in Murfreesboro is a beautiful and comfy. This two-story home is roomy and cozy with plenty of extra storage. Phoenix House is centrally located for….

Highland Park Home – Sober Living Homes In Tn
Submitted by Matt on December 29, 2021 in Other

Highland Park Home is a sober living and rehab house in Murfreesboro, Tennessee by Threshold Recovery to helping addicts people seeking recovery from substance abuse. Single room is also available….

Sober Living Home “bearing Fruit” In Murfreesboro, Tn
Submitted by Matt on December 21, 2021 in Other

“Bearing Fruit” sober living home is a beautiful and the spacious two-storey house. It is centrally located from public transport facilities, grocery stores, restaurants and 1/4 mile away from the….

Halfway House For Men, “turning Point” Rehabilitation Center In Murfreesboro Tn
Submitted by Matt on December 20, 2021 in Other

The ‘Turning Point’ sober living home for men comes fully compact with full-size beds, a computer, cable TV and WiFi access, stainless steel appliances and premium hardwood floors throughout the….